Astrails vs Cloud9 | ECS | Tips Odds and Previews

Esports Championship Series ECS

Astralis and CLoud9 are matched up against each other in the Elimination match of ECS to be held on the 25th of June 2016 at 15:15 CEST  


Astralis lost to TSM yesterday, an upset that not many expected. However considering the fact that the map was Cobblestone, it should not come as a big surprise to many. Astralis have almost always banned Cobblestone and the one time they actually play  on it, they lost to a much lower levelled team in TSM [ also their previous org 😛 ]. However, the score was still 13-16 in whats a very close scoreline. Astralis are definitely the better team in this match, and they are ahead of the NA team by a large margin.


Cloud9 played on Dust2 yesterday in what many consider to be a strong map for them. The NA side however lost to Fnatic 13-16 on this map. It is still a good scoreline, but it required one of their best maps to reach 13 rounds. If the map would have been a Mirage or some map that they do not play as much, I would have expected the scoreline to be more severe of the NA side. Cloud9 as a team are still improving and there are many aspects where the team is lacking.

This is a best of three elimination match and it would be surprising if Astralis manage to lose this. A sensible veto from them is expected as they would not allow Cobblestone to pass through [ its one of the best maps for Cloud9]


The Prediction :  80%-20% Astralis

The Bet : High on Astralis.