Astral Authority drops HotS roster

As the expiry of the roster came closer, Astral Authority decided to drop the whole roster

Yet another team has dropped out of the Heroes of the storm scene. The Heroes of the Storm scene hasn’t taken off as much a Blizzard would have liked, due to a reduction in frequency of the tournaments, teams in general have decided to pull out of the Heroes of the Storm scene. Sure the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championships boast a $1,000,000 prize pool, but that’s only a one off event where teams actually compete to gain a share of a very large prize pool

HOTS world championship wall paper

Astral Authority failed to qualify for the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship, this is likely a large factor for their decision to drop the team. The team placed 3-4th for the 2016 ESL North America Fall Regional Championship 2 and 5-6th for the Bloodlust tournament. This prevented them from advancing to the Global championships and hugely affected the profitability of the team, which is likely the main reason AA is dropping out of the HoTs team.