Astral Authority’s team in disarray – Coach + Manager leaves team – Player kicked

Astral Authority’s HoTs team have been in disarray following the decision of both the Manager and Coach deciding to leave the team.

This announcement follows the shocking loss 0-2 against Naventic and further losing to 1-2 to team Denial. Performance was definitely the main factor for the individuals leaving the team, as their performance this year has been quite shaky too. The release of Manager Mellina “Mel” Kong and Coach Kristine “Vaalia” Hutter was a mutual agreement between the two parties, and it was carried upon good terms. It has been described as a “bittersweet departure to continue their growth in the Heroes of the Storm scene”, and it is expected that both “Mel” and “Vaalia” both remain in the scene.

As a replacement, Taylor “Burt Macklin” Brust will be stepping in as the team’s new manager. Brust has had a fair bit of experience in the HoTs scene as “His previous experience at Team Name Change and Peter Dinklage prove that he is up to the task”.

Another shocking announcement follows as the team decides that “In addition to the staffing changes (they should) have a roster update as well”. As a result of this, Richard “Kladeous” Tran will be released from his contract and be kicked from the team. This is certainly a shock since “Kladeous” is a well known player with great ability. The team stated that even though he was a great player, “The reasons for his release surround team cohesion and play styles” which meant he “did not fit well with (their) team dynamic”.

As a replacement for the release of “Kladeous”, Jon “Equinox” Peterson will be stepping in as the fifth player for the team. “Equinox” “was already involved in helping the team from an analytical standpoint”, but has been contacted and accepted to role as a player.