Astralis Cause a Huge Upset at the Major!



Astralis managed a huge upset, defeating the world number one team Fnatic in two straight maps. Fanatic surprised Astralis when they decided to veto Dust2 instead of Overpass. Astralis took advantage of this and picked Overpass for their first map..

The first map set the tone for the series as Astralis won 8 straight rounds in the first half. They were up 8-0 against the number one team in the world and the Danes were winning all the clutch situations and simply outclassing the Swedish side. Astralis showed a fantastic CT half, but Fnatic were able to get the requisite 5 rounds on the T side. It was their CT side that let them down never managing perform. Fnatic were not able to guess the fakes by the Danes as they kept losing the economy game


The second map is theoretically the second worst map for Astralis. They consistently ban this map after Cobblestone. It is also one of the best maps for Fnatic who like to depend on their aim. Astralis however were pleasantly surprised to find Fnatic not hitting their shots. At the end of Round number 9 , Krimz was still at 0 frags. The swedish side were in total disarray as the players looked tired and dejected with their performance in the $1 million major.

Astralis vs Fnatic Scoreboard

Flusha had tweeted earlier in the day (as April Fools Joke) :


It was meant as a April Fools joke, but sadly for them it did come true.