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ESL One New York is going to be your third LAN after the Summer break – what are your expectations for the tournament?

Team-wise our expectations are pretty clear, we want to reach top-4 and keep on improving our results. As an individual I always want to win, I don’t expect a win, but I believe that we are capable of winning.

You’ve been having rocky results online recently, and fans are arguing whether you’re still the best Danish team – what’s your take on that discussion?

Objectively there’s not much of a discussion to have since our results have been shaky and dignitas have been improving in the meantime. I still feel like we can be the better team, but right now they seem to be the best.

The team has come under scrutiny for averaging around 60 hours in game in the last two weeks – do you think you would do better with more in game time?

I have never heard anyone complaining about my average hours nor do I believe it shows if you are dedicated or not. Better is something everyone strives to be. Do you get better analyzing vods/demos, playing fpl/dm or straight up just practicing more with your team? Nobody knows the perfect recipe, as it differs from person to person. Would I do better? Maybe.


ESL New York will be the first event after the Summer break with SK Gaming in attendance – how happy are you to see them compete again?

They are my good friends, so I am obviously happy to see them back in the scene. With that said it also makes the tournament harder since they are a rock solid team. I am hoping to see their old passion and that they show everyone, just like VP did, that online games doesn’t matter as much as everyone seems to think.

The group stage will be played out in a Swiss format. Do you think that the Bo1-system favors you, considering your issues in Bo3s against the other top teams?

I have never tried the Swiss format, so I am pretty excited to see how it plays out. The system should in theory favor us since our best-of-one results have been pretty good. I feel like the veto-system in best-of-ones always puts us in a good situation map-wise.

Speaking of maps and tactics, you’ve been starting to play Nuke recently and gone back to perma-banning Cobblestone. Has that improved your overall map pool in your opinion?

Adding Nuke has given us a broader map pool. I feel like it has benefited us overall but since we have been forced to focus a lot more on our weaker maps it made our previous “autowin” maps, like Overpass, a bit weaker. Overall however, it made us stronger in the way that we can veto into our opponents weaker maps and not always just go after our best.

This is the first big CS tournament in New York in a handful of years – what are you looking forward to the most?

There are a lot of completely new things for me when we travel to New York. One is the city, I have always loved big cities and I have never visited New York, ever. On top of that I am bringing my mom to the event, which is a big deal to me. She’s never been at an international tournament, and she has always dreamt of going to New York, so when we qualified it was a big relief to be able to surprise her with this gift.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans ahead of the tournament?

I always tend to focus more on the negative side of the contact I experience on my social channels, but recently I have had a lot of nice messages from a bunch of different people. I would like to thank the ones that keep on believing in us, it would be a lot harder without them.

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