Astralis vs CLG | E League Group C | Tips Odds and Previews



Astralis and CLG are matched up in the Group Stage match of E League Group C to be held on the 7th of June 2016 at 23:00 CEST

A lot of how Astralis play in this match will depend on their first match vs NRG. Astralis are playing without Karrigan and with a standin , who just has knowledge about their strats and not much else. Zonic has been their coach and as such he is well versed in their tactics and gameplans. However knowing them, and actually being a part of their implementation is quite different.


CLG on the other hand will be playing with Pita for E League. THey have been losing consistently to NA teams with score-lines of 16-4, 16-7 etc. This performance has not been the best out of the team so far. I totally expect a 2-0 from Astralis here. This is mainly based on the fact that they will have had one game to gel well together as a team. The synergy within the team will be much better in the second matchup than in the first one against a seemingly stronger NRG.


The Prediction : 85%-15% Astralis

The Bet : High on Astralis