Astralis vs Dignitas – ESL Barcelona Tips, Odds and Preview.

esl barcelona

Astralis and Dignitas are matched up against each other in the ESL Barcelona LAN Tournament on the 21st of February 2016 at 11:30 CET on Overpass


Astralis had a dominating performance in their first match against Dignitas. They were down 0-7 but then made an amazing comeback to tie the scores at 7-7 followed by 10-10. They won the game 16-11, which is quite impressive considering. The team definitely had a dominating performance in the first match. The second match map is chosen by Astralis (indirectly as they banned Overpass).




The mental block against Astralis still manifests itself consistently. They choked a 7-0 lead to lose the match. That should be affecting them mentally for sure. They are slightly better on this map than on Mirage. However Astralis are also the best team in the world on this map. It is going ot be an uphill task for the Danish Number 2 team to win this match.


The Prediction : 75%-25% Astralis

The Bet : Medium Astralis


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