Astralis vs Dignitas Tips, Odds and Match Preview – hosted by Dreamhack


Astralis vs Dignitas

We will analyse and inspect the information and statistics from both teams Astralis and Dignitas and give our prediction and odds for this event. This is a best of one event hosted by Dreamhack Leipzig on the 22nd of January 2016 at 12:30 GMT.

Astralis have recently changed name twice in the past month originally being TSM and then leaving their organization for an unenclosed reason to become Questionmark who days later became Astralis. TSM were argumentatively one of the best teams ever on the Counter Strike scene tied with Fnatic. Astralis have earned a 40% win rate from their last five games with wins over EnvyUs and Titan losing games to Fnatic , EnvyUs and Navi.

Dignitas have an 80% win rate with wins over CSGL, ExpertG, Planetkey and HellRaisers. I think most people are underestimating Dignitas as we haven’t seen them in a big tournament for some time and definitely have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Astralis(ex-TSM): device , dupreeh , karrigan , cajunb , Xyp9x

dignitas: k0nfig , MSL , tenzki , RUBINO , Kjaerbye

My prediction and odds: My prediction is 60% to Dignitas due to their win rate and how consistant they have become in the past few weeks. I would only recommend a small bet on this as the percentage is already low.

Calvin Hynes.