Astralis vs Flipsid3 – ESL Finals Tips, Odds and Preview




Astralis and Flipsid3 are matched up against each other for the Group Stage ESL tournament to be held on the 16th of February 2016 at 19:00 CET.

The Map is Mirage.


Astralis are one of the best teams in the world. They are definitely amongst the top  five teams of the world and maintaining that position is a feat in itself. Astralis have the added advantage of being together for a long time and fine tuning their flaws. Their recent matches however have been pretty shaky to say the least. They have not been able to dominate their opponents as is generally known of them. Losing to Gamers2 and other lower skilled teams has definitely put a dent in their record. However Mirage is one of Australis’ best maps and they have regularly showed their dominance on it. They have had 4/5 wins on this map in their recent matches. Winning against good teams such as NaVi they came off a very strong CT side.



Flipsid3 are a lower tiered team compared to Astralis. They have been performing really well in their recent matches. Their online performance has been stellar to say the least. Flipsid3 are a team that can play very well on certain days. Their performances have been increasing and they have been playing really well recently. A continuous upward graph is how their recent form looks like. The addition of Shara is definitely a very good.

The odds for this match would be heavily favored towards Astralis. They are a decent team and while on paper, they should win it hands down it is still a very risky affair. Flipsid3 on their better day can definitely be a team that will upset Astralis.

The prediction : 76%-24% on Astralis

The bet : Very low to Low on Flipsid3

Risk : High