Astralis vs Fnatic; Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – ESL One New York 2016A

ESL One New York

Astralis and Fnatic are matched up against each other in the ESL one New York 2016 match-up to be held on the 1st of October 2016 at 1830 CEST.

Astralis put up a fantastic show yesterday when they turned around their performances from their previous weeks to defeat their opponents Gamers2. Astralis Dupreeh had a performance reminiscent of his performances several months ago. When your entry fragger puts up such a performance, the rest of the team definitely follows suit. Astralis favorite maps include Overpass, Mirage , Dust2 etc. However their performance was still a one off.

Fnatic on the other hand have not been able to bring forth their A game. They still do not have it in them to have recovered from their split with Gamers2. They lack the aim-power and the map pool to defeat Astralis, with their vast experience. Wenton himself said that they need more experience and aim to be able to compete with the best teams in the world.

The Prediction : 60%-40% in favor of Astralis.

The Bet : Low on Astralis.