Astralis VS G2 – ESL – CS:GO – Previews

Astralis VS G2- 4 AM Thursday 11/2/16 AEST- Best of 1

Lounge odds: 35-65 in favour of Astralis

Max’s odds: 35-65 in favour of Astralis


Analysis: With the best of one format anything could happen with this game. With that said the game should realistically go to Astralis as they are the better team. G2 could cause an upset as they have some real star power in screaM and shox and if they are able to all peak at the same time it is very possible for them to win this match. Astralis are going to have to rely on the better team that they are in their aim strategy and general game knowledge. G2 have a pretty poor match history as of late but they have shown they can upset as they have been cloud 9 twice in their last two encounters with them.

The tip: Bet on G2 if they are below 30%, bet on Astralis if G2 are over 40%.