Astralis vs Gamers2 – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview


Astralis vs Gamers2 – Inferno


Astralis and Gamers2 are matched up against each other for the ESL Group Stage to be held on Wednesday, 10th of February 2016 at 19:00 CET – Week 1



Astralis have not been in the best of form since their organisation change. Their success rate and form have not been on point and we’re especially seeing them losing to force buys and aggressive play styles. Device and Dupreeh the two lynchpins of the team have been playing passively and Astralis is not known to be passive team. Their advantage obviously lies in their aim and using that to full effect and not letting the enemy set up their strats. On the other hand, Astralis seem to be easing into a strat based kind of play. To be honest if that’s the route Astralis want to take, there are much better teams than them out there. It is not surprising to see their results plummet. While this might not be the sole reason, it definitely is a major factor.


Gamers2 :


Gamers2 are ex-Titan. They consist of the French Five namely Scream, X6tence, Smithhz, RPK, Shox. These five players have played together for a long time and much of that has been with the acceptance that they are not as good a team as they would like to be. Hence they strive to improve their gameplay with what little is available to them in terms of firepower. Gamers2 have been focussing on maps which they can call home maps. Initially when this lineup was formed, they were focussed more on Mirage as their home map. But things did not work out especially with most of the top teams being super strong on Mirage. However lately we are seeing a trend from gamers2 to pick Inferno. It goes on to show confidence in their practice on this map and their comfort level.


The Bet :


Overall I think this map favors Gamers2, but not by much. Their recent form has been noted and it’s to be said that they are definitely competing with the best teams out there. Astralis on their part have not been too impressive , epecially when compared to their known standards. They do not look as strong and dominant as we are used to seeing them.


The Prediction : 55%-45% Gamers2

The bet : Low on Gamers2

Risk : High