Astralis vs LG – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

Astralis vs LG

Dreamhack Leipzig

Astralis had some OK games yesterday against Dignitas and Mouz.Dignitas lost to Astralis quite easily on Overpass. however Overpass is definitely one of the best maps for Astralis and that definitely should not be a surprise for anyone. Astral have definitely improved in their gameplay since forming their new organisation. Their performance has been peeking slowly however it still is not at the same level as they were during their matches in 2015. Their match against Mouz was a really amazing match with Mouz really choking the game to lose in double Overtime. Ofcourse that did put question mark to Astralis form right now, however their urge to win it even after being down and out showed some motivation and dedication. The good thing is that they have ben scared and they should have learnt from their performance and their mistakes.


LG have truly been a revelation ever since the lineup change. they have been performing like Gods even against some of the best teams. Their route here has been laden with some mediocre teams. They won against Faze and SK.Gaming. Ofcourse these are not some of the best teams and comparing their level to Astralis level you would realise that the match is slightly favored in terms of the Danes considering their superior aim and performance recently.

Map Veto

  • Astralis veto Cobblestone
  • LG veto Overpass
  • Astralis pick Dust2
  • LG pick Inferno
  • Astralis ban Cache
  • LG ban Mirage
  • Last map is Train

These maps ( dust2, inferno, Train) slightly favor LG. However considering Astralis aim a recommended bet would be Low on Astralis

The Prediction 60%-40% Astralis
The Bet : Low Astralis
Fanobet : 2-1 Astralis Low