Astralis vs NaVi – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview

Astralis vs NaVi – Mirage



Astralis have recently come off a decent LAN where they lost out before the Semi finals. They should not have lost however they did. Their recent matches have been pretty decent , however they have not looked too solid on their maps. They have definitely been slacking on their favorite maps including Mirage and Overpass. Their performance levels have included rushing a lot and somewhat less co ordination. Losing Mirage to EnVyUs was really unacceptable espeically considering that Mirage is proibably not even amongst their strongest maps for EnVyUs. Astralis have not looked too good even after forming their new organisation.


NaVi on the other hand were the finalists of the Starseries tournament. They definitely had a very good performance with some really good plays by Guardian. However the rest of the team definitely stepped up in order to facilitate their performance. They last won against LG in the tournament and definitely showed a very strong performance in that match. It did go really close. Somewhere NaVi did not perform too good in that tournament especially considering how close the maps went. On both the maps LG were the first to reach 15 rounds however both times they lost to either a forced buy or just a misunderstanding as to how to handle an advantageous situation.


Astralis seem to be  the better team here. it is very early in the group stage and we might see a surprise, however that along with the fact that Astralis picked this map definitely puts the ball in favor of Astralis


The Prediction :  Astralis 67%- 33%.

The Bet : Low on Astralis.