Astralis vs NRG – Counter Pit LAN Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Counter Pit


Astralis and NRG are matched up against each other in the Counter Pit LAN Finals to be held on the 18th of March 2016 at 13:45 CET.



Astralis displayed a rather clinical win yesterday against Torpedo. They won the series 2-0 on Cache and Dust2. Cache is one of the weaker maps for the Danish team and yet they managed to win it 16-6 and the overall performance of the team was very impressive with some good communication and aim. Astralis are a tier above NRG right now. Their aim and gameplay is on another level altogether.


NRG had a great win over EnVyus in the quarterfinals. However the team was up against a very weak EnVyUs who looked to be somewhat out of their comfort zone as the majority of the maps were not in their favour.

NRG should not be able to walk away with a win in this match against Astralis. Not only do they have a standin, but they are up against a much more formidable opponent in Astralis.

The Prediction : 75%-25% Astralis

The Bet : Medium Astralis