Aurelion Sol Champion Preview and Thoughts


Well finally, 2 years after the original Ao shin announcement, Riot has finally decided to release “Aurelion Sol”.

Aurelion Sol is an awesome champion, with a lot of creativity and interaction.


Passive: Center of the Universe

Aurelion Sol Passive



Three stars constantly orbit Aurelion Sol, dealing magic damage and applying spell effects to enemies they strike.

The passive is pretty much what the description says, there are 3 moving objects that move around you.The range is roughly the outer radius of the Shyvana W. These moving objects do damage every time they hit the enemy, and that’s that!



Q: Starsurge

Aurelion Sol Q 1 Autelion Sol Q 2

Aurelion Sol fires the core of a newborn star in a target direction that explodes — dealing damage and stunning all nearby enemies upon reactivation or once it travels beyond his stars’ maximum orbital range. Aurelion Sol can travel alongside Starsurge, and by keeping it close he’ll nurture it, growing it in size so that it damages and stuns a wider area when it explodes.

This skill is so cool! Pretty much, it’s a HUGE fireball which covers a crazy big range, meaning it’s quite hard to miss even thought it is fairly slow. The further you walk along with this ball, the greater the damage and stun duration. Don’t be fooled by the radius when you hover your mouse over your “q”, since this ball will travel outside the radius by quite a large margin if you want it too.

W: Celestial Expansion

Aurelion SOl W

Aurelion Sol pushes his stars out to his outer ring, significantly increasing their power. Celestial Expansion costs mana to cast and drains mana every second the ability is toggled on. Once he toggles the ability off or runs out of mana, Aurelion Sol pulls his stars back.

Basically, the W extends the range of which your passive occurs. It’s a great skill to use if you want to take less damage in a fight, while still being able to deal damage to the enemy team. But this skill requires you to maneuver your champion in a certain distance, if the enemy is too close to you, it’s obviously useless. Activating the W also increase the damage of the passive things that are flying around you, which is great ofcourse. This skill does not have a set duration, instead you can toggle it on or off, the mana cost is determined on how many seconds you toggle it on for.

E: Comet of Legend

Aurelion Sol E1Aurelion Sol E 3

Passive: Aurelion Sol builds up increasing movement speed as he travels continuously in the same direction, and loses speed on sharp turns. Some of this speed is stored away as Escape Velocity stacks, which are lost entirely whenever he takes damage from an enemy.

Active: Once Aurelion Sol maxes his Escape Velocity stacks, he can activate Comet of Legend to pull in his orbiting stars and take flight, traversing over terrain for a long distance. He cannot turn once his course is set, and enemy damage will bring Aurelion Sol back to earth, restoring his orbiting stars.

For this skill’s passive, you gain movement speed if you don’t click too much on the ground and walk in the same direction. If you “sharp turn”, for example you will lose movement speed. When you take damage from the enemy, you will also lose movement speed.

I LOVE the idea of this ability. Casting this ability sets Aurilion Sol to move in a straight directly without having to move around obstacles such as terrain. However, if you get hit by an enemy, this ability will immediately cancel. The E makes Aurilion Sol great in the jungle, since you can enter the lane without being seen through the raised terrain. Oh and note, once you cast the ability, you cannot cancel it, so click wisely summoners!

R: Voice of Light

Aurelion SOl R 1Aurelion Sol R 2

Aurelion Sol shoots out a long wave of starfire in a target direction that damages and slows all struck enemies. Nearby enemies caught in the blast are also knocked back to Aurelion Sol’s outer ring.

The ult on this champion is really good, since it is a nearly instant long range skill which applies damage and dramatically slows the enemies hit. Since the champion may be quite squishy, the factor that the ult can knock them back quite a distance helps a lot, expecially if you knock them back into your passive or when you activate your W.

End summary

I REALLY LOVE the idea of this champion, it’s a great addition to the game for junglers since the recent patches have made junglers abit weaker.
I can’t wait till this champion comes out in the normal servers, so I can test this champion out 🙂