Australia drops out and get replaced by Turkey – The World Championships 2016 – csgo

Team Australia has dropped out of the The World Championships 2016 and will be replaced by team Turkey



The organizer of The World Championships 2016, E-Frag has announced that team Australia dropped out due to internal problems and the team’s place in the tournament will be given to team Turkey. It has been revealed that players in team Australia were unable to attend “due team obligations” which “left (the team) with only three players”. These “team obligations” were likely due to contractual breaches, where the players were restricted to either play for another team, or the players had to prioritize their team’s tournaments over the Australia team.

This decision by team Australia is a disappointing one, as Australia doesn’t have too much presence in the competitive scene, and The World Championships 2016 would certainly give Australia teams in general much more attention.

Team Turkey has been chosen to replace Australia as they were the next team in line, since they “managed to triumph over Belgium today 2:0 (16:12, 16:12).” Atleast there’s a positive in Australia’s decision to drop out, since the MVP player in team Turkey, ‘Can ‘XANTARES’ Dörtkarde’ is widely known for his individual talent.