Basket baller Jonas Jerebko purchases Renegades

Boston Celtics forward Jonas Jerebko purchases all the rights to the Renegades team

Jonas Jerebko


The purchase amount of the team has not been released and it is very unlikely the total sum of money will ever been released by either party. Jonas says in an interview that he initially planned to purchase to buy into a team, not specifically Renegades at the start of 2017, but due to ideal circumstances with Renegades he chose to promptly purchase the team.

The rights that came with the purchase of the team includes full rights to the team, the Renegade’s cs.go position at WME | IMG’s ELeague and in ESL. Jerebko also will have the first right of refusal to negotiate new contracts for the members in the team, including the 4 members currently on the team with contracts expiring soon. This means Jerebko will have a ton of flexibility and will be able to change the roster accordingly.


Following the purchase of the team, Jerebko made the decision to move the cs.go roster to Rochester, Michigan where they will stay in a team house for practice. The place is extremely convienient as the team can travel much easier throughout the United States for various competitions.