Bengi, Duke and ManDu will leave SKT

These 3 SKT superstars will be departing SKT, and the team will be looking for a new Top laner

SKT has dropped Duke partly due to recent poor performance. While the team did end up winning the 2016 League of Legends World Championships like predicted, Duke as the top laner failed to stand out. While Duke was able to carry in a few game, he usually fell behind in the early game for many matches and relied on either the bot lane or mid lane to carry him in the later part of the game. Duke will likely still be picked up, as former World Champions tend to be scooped up quickly by Chinese or Western teams.

PoohManDu had previously been with SKT but returned shortly, however, he will be leaving the team once again. Most recently, PoohManDu had been one of SKT’s coaches, considering they won I do not understand why they would drop in. Nevertheless, I also believe SKT can hold up their stance as the world’s best team with the help of Faker and head coach KkOma. PoohManDu will likely move on to another team, as his expertise is widely valued as not only was he on of the best mechanical support players, but also a former World Champion.

I have very little idea to why SKT dropped Benji, but as he was one of SKT’s best and veteran players, I have dedicated a whole section to him. Benji has definitely left his legacy as one of the best junglers and players in the pro scene.

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