Biofrost wishes to ‘roll tsm’ – CLG BIOFROST!

After being dumped by TSM, Biofrost wishes to crush the org

Along with Doublelift, Biofrost had been dumped by Team SoloMid, North America’s top League of Legends organisation. In an interview with Travis, he stated he wishes to crush / roll TSM due to this, and wishes to also compete against C9 who Sven joined, another members that got kicked by TSM.

Biofrost is know to be more of a quite guy, so his statement regarding TSM show his determination and possibly bad blood relation with the org. Afterall, Bio did state he has first found out about being dropped through Reddit, likely the WORSE ever way to find out you’ve been kicked from a team.

CLG has also released a video detailing they have signed Biofrost. Not a bad call considering they had earlier lost one of their key members, Aphromoo.