“Bird” dismissed upon breach of contract between Northern Gaming

Northern Gaming has announced Bird will be released due to a breach of contract involving the secret communication between “Bird” and rival team Empyrean.


Bird’s actions are very serious, as a breach of contract is no simple matter. In his case, he both played for Empyrean without permission from NG and allegedly had secret communication with Empyrean owner, Winston May. Playing for another team without permission is very serious in the Esports industry, as secret links with other organizations may result in sabotage and a reduce in team morale.

NR bird tweetlong

Mack Maring, the CEO of Northern Gaming has stated that the organization “will not be seeking legal remedies because (they)  do not want (their) reputation as the organization who sues players. This is certainly welcomed news, even though Bird was clearly in the wrong and without a doubt broke the contract between him and the organization. “Bird” is a young player without much experience on the Esports scene, and has only been with NG for a little under 2 months, so it is great the organization will not pursue remedies from Bird.

Maring stated that “as an organization (they) refuse to reward individuals for breaking contracts and making a mockery out of the E-Sports industry.” He follows that’s the remaining members of NG will likely speak on the issue in the days to come and implies that Bird’s decision to leave was uncalled for as he writes that “the other players (Manga/Bread/Nap/Chance/Wolf) are all incredibly happy with our family”.