Blizzard allowing ONE change to tag!

With the upcoming Overwatch release, Blizzard has allowed player to change their tag / name one time!


This will allow players to change their account names through certain games too, like Hearthstone, where a change in your tag will rename your in game Hearthstone account.

Blizzard has stated that this decision follows the continuous and huge amount of people asking for a change in their tag. tag change

Link to the picture above once you’ve logged in Here

The picture above show a red circle around “Edit”, click edit and you will be redicredted towards a page which allows you to change your Tag. As you can see in the yellow sig above, you can only change it once, so choose wisely! tag change 2

If you want to change your tag now, do it quickly before they remove the feature!

View the original Blizzard post Here