Blizzard announces details for first Wild tournament!

After much request from the HS community, Blizzard will run an open Wild tournament

Since blizzard split Wild and Standard into 2 modes, where Wild allowed the use of previous card expansions, Standard was the only format running in Blizzard HS competitive events. However, this will soon change as Blizzard has announced details of the first ever Wild tournament. This is great, as the Wild mode allows the uses of a wider range of cards, allowing many more combo’s we haven’t seen in competitive play for so long.

Blizzard stated the open Wild tournament would consist of a total of 64 players from 3 separate regions. To even qualify for the tournament, participants much reach the top 64 legend in their region and then proceed to a qualifying tournament, where the top 64 from each region will battle to enter the group stage. The prize pool for this is relatively low, only a meer  $25,000 compared to other international majors which have their prize pool jn the hundreds of thousands.