Blizzard bans 4200 player account for cheating – Overwatch

Blizzard has recently announced it has banned 4200 Overwatch account for using the “Watchover Tyrant” plug-in.

Chinese blizzard ban reddit

Players cheating with the “Watchover Tyrant” plug in were able to gain ESP/Wall hacks This enabled them to see the enemy players throughout the whole map behind walls, similar to the outline you get through walls when a teammates are behind them. This meant players were able to prefire, backstab enemies and overall kill them without much trouble. You can watch how it works on the video below.


The bans on the accounts have been stated to be permenant, and if you did get banned, you have little to no hope of getting back your account. This makrs the third official time that Blizzard has come out with a statement along with several thousand players being banned due to cheats such as hacks and scripts. The accounts have all been from the Chinese region where many hacks had previously been released. The huge ban wave has been blamed on many Chinese buying “boosting services” which pay others to increase their rank. This will always be a problem, since hackers one do not care if their previous clients gets banned, and the bans of account don’t really affect the hacker since they’ve made enough money to buy another account anyway.

The official statement is in Chinese and can be found Here sign