Blizzard changing the competitive scene in Heroes of the Storm


We are continuously working on the optimization of Heroes of the Storm as an eSports discipline, trying to make it perfect both for players and for the fans, so for the next year is planned a number of changes. While we are not ready to reveal all our plans for 2017 and subsequent years, but some information on this account we can share now – to players who intend to act in a professional manner, we have an idea of ​​what to prepare.


Firstly, we are going to go to the format of the combined network league in North America, Europe, China and Korea. As a result of this change, players are the top eight teams in each region will be able to get contracts and they will be guaranteed compensation and regular performances. Some benefit from this change and will draw fans – the compositions of their favorite teams should become more stable; tournaments throughout the year will be held regularly, the quality of translation and commentary tracking also increase.

Under the new program Heroes Global Championship will be held in the future even more international competitions in which the competitors will meet teams from different regions. On the way to the final stage of the HGC team performing at the highest level, will have the opportunity to participate in three international competitions, including the World Cup. Players from Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Latin America as well as Australia and New Zealand will be able to participate in local qualifiers and have a chance to get to the international competition.



In addition, we have developed a transition system from Blizzard-sponsored open division in the HGC , so players from amateur teams know exactly what is required of them to go to the HGC League. Twice a year, after a successful performance in a series of weekly open tournaments with prize money of the two best teams in the open division will be able to compete with the two professional teams, who face elimination from the HGC.



Qualifiers for HGC League will begin in November. In the coming months we will share with you information about new developments related to the HGC.


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