BoF vs Tyloo.


BoF vs Tyloo.

Today we will look into both Asian team BoF and Tyloo compete in the SL i-League StarSeries XIV China Final. It commences at 12.30 GMT 18th of December 2015. Both teams will thrive to win this game to qualify against big teams like Fnatic and EnvyUs for a chance at €200000.

We have previously seen Tyloo destroy BoF in a Best of Two winning Mirage 16-2 and Cache 16-5  as expected from China’s number one CSGO team at the moment. Tyloo are currently on a 14 win streak against a number of different skilled teams. Their win percentage of their last five games is 100% In another perspective Tyloo have won 93% of their last 15 games.

BoF got heavily hammered by Tyloo in their previous encounter but they did redeem themselves by winning  over JSG by the skin of their teeth. BoF have only played 3 casted games and won two of these games against JSG and YOM.

Rosters include;


My prediction is 100% for Tyloo.

Calvin Hynes.