Bravado vs Carbon –GWZA Season 1 Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Bravado vs Carbon


Bravado and Carbon will play against each other on the 13th of February 2016 at 09:00 CET for the GWZA Season 1.




Bravado are the undisputed number one South African team. Their team has been formed after literally poaching the best players from other teams (read Sonic). Their performance has been really good so far in whatever matches they have played locally. They have been able to pretty much demolish their opponents. This mainly comes from a very clear perspective on the strengths of their opponents. Bravado have a huge advantage in the skill gap and that carries them through most of their local matches.




Carbon is probably the 3-4th best team in South Africa. They are surely behind some of the better teams in South africa. Their skill level is significantly lower than other teams and especially so against Bravado. Carbon do have a few strong maps, however there has been quite sometime that we have seen them play and that might be a surprise for their map pool right now.


The Prediction : 78%-22% Bravado

The Bet : Medium Bravado

Risk : Medium