C9 Jensen secures highest kills record in one LCS game

Cloud 9 midlaner Jensen has achieved 20 kills in against Team EnVyUs setting the highest kill record in a single game in LCS history

It is relatively common for games to go past 40 minutes in the LCS, since players are extremely skilled and do make not hastey decisions often which lead to the game’s end, this also means players tnd not to die much either. What’s suprising about this record, is that Jensen not only set the highest kill record in LCS history in a single round, but that he achieved all of this in a game that lasted 27 minutes!

If you haven’t watched the round 4 games of C9 vs Team EnVyUs it’s a must watch, Jensen truely earned all his kills and there is no doubt he deserves the record. There is certainly no sign of the enemy team giving him kills for free, as that’s be plain cheating. The caster mentioned after a kill about his team “just feeding him kills” and giving him te last hits on champions, eventhough he could have taken them without much trouble.

Congratulations to Jensen for perorming such an amazing performance, easily winning his lane and carrying the rest of his am with the almostinstantanous one shots.