C9 vs Liquid Analysis, Odds and Preview.

Cloud9 vs Liquid.


Today we will analyse the match up between Liquid and Cloud9. This will be an interesting game to spectate because of the rivalry between the two North American teams. This is a Best of Three event that is hosted by ESL. It kicks off at 12:00 GMT on the 12th of May 2016.

Yesterday Liquid completely choked in this tournament against NIP after being up 14-2 and allowing NIP to come back and win the best of one. This proves how unreliable this team is but also that they will need to regain the trust of their fans with this game today.
Liquids Recent Games;
Liquid vs NIP = LOSS
Liquid vs LG = LOSS
Liquid vs Selfless = WIN
Liquid vs Tempo Storm = LOSS
Liquid vs Selfless = WIN

Cloud9 are adjusting to their setting after the removal of Freakazoid and the addition of Slemmy and Stewie2k. They have had varied results with a double win over CLG but losses against Fnatic who are on a downslope and a loss against LG who lost against G2 yesterday.
Cloud9’s Recent Games;
C9 vs Fnatic = LOSS
C9 vs CLG = WIN
C9 vs LG = LOSS
C9 vs CLG = WIN
C9 vs NRG = WIN

My prediction : This will be an extremely close game because both teams need this win to regain fan faith. My prediction is 60% for C9.