Cloud9 vs Without a Roof Analysis, Odds and Preview



Tonight we will analyse the match hosted by ECS Season One, Cloud9 versusWithout a Roof. This is a Best of Three event and the game begins at 3.00am GMT 29/04/2016.

Cloud9 have recently dropped Freakazoid after finding a replacement; Slemmy. Ex-Cloud9 player Freakazoid made headlines recently regarding allegations that he bullied player Simple from Team Liquid.
Cloud9 have been playing in the ESL Pro League Season 3 and also occupying their time with ESC.

Cloud9’s Recent Match Results:
Cloud9 vs KKONA = Win
Cloud9 vs KKONA = Win
Cloud9 vs Splyce = Win
Cloud9 vs Splyce = Win
Cloud9 vs Optic = Win

Without a Roof are a fresh new American team currently rated number 13 in NA. They have only officially played three games all being in collaboration with ESC in Season One.

Without a Roof’s Recent Match Results:
Without a Roof vs Luminosity = Loss
Without a Roof vs Complexity = Win
Without a Roof vs Optic = Loss

My prediction : Based off of these statistics it is reasonable to say that Cloud9 are currently the better team boasting a 100% win rate over their recent matches and sitting at #2 on NA. I predict Cloud9 have a 90% chance to win.

Calvin Hynes.