C9’s new jungler quits school for LoL

High school teenager and competitive player has quit school in favor of LCS

Only early this year, it was announced that “Contractz” was announced to be moving into the central Cloud 9 team as the jungler, transitioning from the Cloud 9 training sister team. He is was widely considered as one of the best up and coming League of Legends star players of all time, and has certainly performed very well recently. As a result, Cloud 9 has seemed to confirm his position on the team, and has likely extended his contract to the usual 1-2 years.

“I’m not even sure what I did was the right thing. I would be in my senior year of high school right now if I was still in school. Honestly, I’m not sure if missing my senior year and graduating high school early is the right thing to do,”

As he moved into a more permanent position in Cloud 9, he has decided to leave school in favor of playing professional league of legends in the LCS as Cloud 9’s jungler. “Contractz” has announced that the decision will hopefully allow him to achieve his dreams of winning the League Championship Series title and the Rookie of the Split award.

He mentioned in an interview that graduating high school should always be one of the highest priorities in a life of a teenager, but also mentioned that if you’re good enough to go pro then it’ll be a great opportunity. To summarise, don’t drop out of school simply because you love playing the game for leisure, but only if you see the game as a sustainable and suitable career.