“Can Aurelion Sol and Shyvana procreate?” – Reddit

Reddit’s top ‘shitpost’ today with almost 10k upvotes


Aurelion Sol is a male dragon and Shyvana is a dragon that takes the form of a human female (But can shapeshift between the two).

Who knows really. It’s just a funny shitpost. Hell, three of the five top posts of all time on this subreddit are silly shitposts.

It’s what makes this community great.

As many know, the League of Legends subreddit is an extremely special place. Not only does it report the latest news in League and the esports scene, it also manages to create wonderful memes. However, time to time, there is this……… the good ol’ ‘shitpost’.

The question posed by “Zakeruga”, “Can Aurelion Sol and Shyvana procreate?”, drew the attention of almost the whole subreddit. As mentioned, it is approaching 10k upvotes without being live for 24 hours.

As expected, there are some extremely interesting responses to the equally interesting question. In this, we’ll include some, but some responses are just way too … disturbing.

“We learned from a similar thread a while back, that shyvana’s lower body is potentially really hot. Since A’sol is a galactic being, he is probably used to the heat from suns, meteorites etc., so in theory, it should be possible since all beings have ways of reproducing.

The thing is though, that we don’t know, if A’sol would want his big Voice of Light in a tiny halfdragon. I would assume Shyvana needs to be in her dragonform, for A’sol to show the Comet of Legend, but then they won’t have a lot of time since her dragonform is short lasting. The only way to get more time is for her to keep punching him, which for some guys is sexually arousing, but the exact opposite for others.

So it really depends on what A’sol likes and on whether or not he is into Shyvana. I know some would say that Shyvana might not be interested in A’sol, but I think no girl can stop themselves, when they see his Celestial Expansion.”