Carbon vs Aperture –GWZA Season 1 Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Carbon vs Aperture


Carbon and Aperture are playing against each other today in the GWZA Season 1 Lower Bracket match at 09:00 CET.




Carbon played two matches yesterday. The first match was against Bracado which they lost quite easily. Their second match, which was the lower match, was against Aperture. This was a really close match with the first two maps going 16-14 for the winning team. Needless to say either map could have gone either way. Even the third map was somewhat close with Aperture eventually winning 16-11. That is a difference of just 5 rounds and a few pistols / key rounds going either way would have meant a win for the enemy team. Carbon seem to be favoring Cobblestone as a map. They were not really well versed on this map in their previous iterations, however in this LAN, they definitely seem to be picking up Cobblestone a lot more than usual.




Much of what was said about Aperture applies to Carbon too. They had a very close match against Carbon. They could not replicate a similarly close match against Bravado. Aperture are one of the better teams in South African region. They are an upcoming team with lots of potential. It is now in two LAN’s that they have had decent showing. However they also struggle on a similar level against lower teams. They do manage to win it out, but they do struggle.


This match should be a close match just like the last one. Aperture have a deeper map pool that Carbon and therein lies their advantage. That being said it also depends on the map picks. We saw yesterday that both the map picks were extremely close matches.


The prediction : 65%-35% Aperture

The Bet : Low on Aperture

Risk : Medium – High