Casters recreate game sound for bugged match

German casters have made their own sounds on a stream due to a sound bug

Due to a audio bug on Riot’s end in their stream, German shout casters have made supringly cringey sounds to make up for the error. This somewhat one of a kind game involved 2 major teams in the European region, where G2 Esports and Fnatic were battling in the early stages of the new split.

“Doush Doush” – Minions and tower hits

“Ding” + “Bing” tower hits

“Pooafjsdfshj” – first turret

Note that this sound bug only occurs in the German stream, whereas, the English stream version has perfectly fine audio.

Sure this was entertaining, but I’m really happy League has proper sounds, because these news sounds were…. let’s say, sub-par.