CEX vs Seven – Dingit Tips, Odds and Preview

Seven vs CEX




CEX has not been too active recently. Their previous match was way back on November 18th against CSGO-Saloon. The results of that match are not important right now towards the end of January.


CEX’s last matches were way back in November as I already said. That is all we have off to go right now. Their match against DickHouse (http://www.hltv.org/match/2299329-cex-dickhouse-dngit-2000-weekly-cup-26) was a finals of Dingit Weekly Cup 26 and CEX lost that match losing badly on their own map choice of Cache. They did however manage to make a comeback to win Mirage. Something about Cache was the fact that the first half was only 5-10. That is a decent score on Cache irrespective of which side ( CT or T ) is leading. Obviously the pistols and the first gun round went against them and ultimately the score being 15-5, they probably just gave up.


Apart from that they do not have much games to go off. Ofcourse their own performance locally has not been too stellar. They are probably the 4th to 5th best UK team standing way behind the top teams in UK. The UK scene itself while not that great is much better than the Iceland scene IMO. It really will come down to some experience on the part of the teams. In terms of experience I would probably say that CEX has the more experience amongst the two teams.




Seven on the other hand just played a LAN tournament 2 weeks ago. They did end up reaching the Finals of the tournament and losing 1-2 to malefiq. You can see their performance in the following Image :
Seven Team Play Tuddinn 6



While this is a totally different ball game considering they played a LAN tournament. Teams are known to play vastly different on LAN and online. Their performance was also against much weaker teams. Team Short and Alliance are not really the best of teams. Their aim is definitely much lower than malefiq. However when you consider the finals you realise that they got pretty much beat up on the “normal” maps of Inferno & Cache. On Train, which is not the most comfortable map for all the teams ( especially on lower levels ) you will realise that their performance is still questionable considering that the game went to Overtime. So I would conclude that they were definitely being out-aimed. The only reason they actually managed to get an Overtime was because of the comfort level on the particular Map ( Train).


Seven are sure to be removing Overpass and then Cobblestone if they do get the chance. These are their worst ( least prepared maps) and it is highly doubtful that they will be wanting to play on maps that they are utterly uncomfortable on. These have been their standard bans against most of the other teams and it should be the same today as well.




Well, despite whatever information we have the match is extremely risky. One team has not been active since November while the other team is pretty unknown and has only 1 LAN to show for their recent matches. Despite that, CEX has more experience and more games to play on.


The Prediction : 55% – 45% CEX

The Bet : Low on CEX.( Remember it is a high risk Match )