CG vs ATN – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview




CG is a mostly Swedish team who have burst onto the scene with some emphatic victories over well known teams such as Hellraisers and LDLC.Blue. They also had a small interview published on one of the sites which gave them a lot of popularity. While their performance is very commendable and praiseworthy, it should not be a judgement of the general trend of their matches.

ATN on their part are a German mix consisting of players such as Crisby, Keen, Stfn, Kzy and tizian. The core of this team consisting of Keen, Stfn and others have been playing together for a long time in several other teams. While German teams ( with the exception of Mouz under GobB) have not been team play oriented, any synergy will definitely help them.


Recent Results


In terms of results we have already seen how CG have fared in the two matches that are on record. They won against Hellraisers and against LDLC.Blue. Their win against LDLC.Blue especially was emphatic as they proved their worth on Dust 2 and Overpass. Their match wins against Hellraisers was also on these two same maps. A general awareness of their best maps can be gauged from these maps definitely. If ATN are careful, they should veto out these maps.


ATN’s recent results show them picking and playing Cobblestone against Gamers2 on the 12th of January 2016. They lost the map Cobblestone with a scoreline of 14-16. Against Hellraisers too, they had picked Cobblestone and they won that particular map. Cobblestone is definitely their best map right now.


In terms of vetoes ATN should hope for Cobblestone as the first map. Cobblestone, besides being their best map is also one of CG’s worst map. They lost this particular map with a large gap to LDLC.Blue. They went onwards to demolish LDLC.Blue in the next two maps.


CG  will want to pick Overpass and Dust2 as their maps. It really comes down to Dust 2 on which German teams are traditionally very good on. CG will not shy away from picking Dust 2 as their map. ATN for their part should be wanting to ban other maps such as Overpass, Cache instead of Dust 2. Their comfort factor on Dust2 is definitely higher than their comfort factor on other maps.




Even though CG have had really good results , they have played only two maps so far and despite them being victories they do not show the true strength of the team.


The prediction : 55%-45% favored towards ATN


The bet : Low on ATN