Champion themed music playlist! has blew up on reddit from it’s launch announcement

In less than 10 hours, Reddit had up voted “Farzaa’s” post more than 12,000 times, making it currently the top ranking League of Legends reddit post. The post details a website launch which contains songs picked out for each specific League of Legends and Overwatch heroes. It intends to provide players with some decent music while in game according to the champion’s themed, for example, a fairly aggressive or fast paced music with Zed, while there is a nicer, more relaxing sound track for Ivern.

The site is still undergoing development, but already at a minimum consists of one play list for every champion. Playlists for each champion can be chosen from 2 groups, the ones that the site determines fits the champion, or songs which have been highly voted by users for the specific champion.

While there is an option to download the program, you are able to use the service straight off the website too. The site is extremely new, the creator “Farzaa” is currently seeking funding for the site on Twitch and aims to allow the website to be self sufficient through community sponsorship.