Championship Ashe and Team Icons – LoL Worlds

This year’s worlds skin is Championship Ashe

As usual, Riot had created the Championship skin as the League of Legends World Championship is set to begin. The skin’s colour scheme has always been along the lines of black, dark blue and light blue, with this year being no exception. While Championship Ashe does look really nice, as do all the championship skins, many are outrages by the decision to make once another skin for Ashe. Ashe has always been one of the oldest champions, not to mention, a really easy to play champion for newer players. However, she has racked up her own fair share of skins, and many are complaining that Riot has ignored many of the champions that only have one skin, like Illaoi and Kled.

Championship Ashe will cost – 1350 RP

Riot will be bringing in team icons back to the shop (for all that participate in worlds). This aims to increase profit sharing between Riot and the teams, whom many have complain that Riot has an extremely poor profit sharing margin. Team icons will cost 250 RP, but players can choose to pay 200 RP more for a bundle that comes with a PERMENANT emote. 50% of proceeds from the sales team icons will go to the teams where as only 30% of proceeds from the team icon and emote bundle will fall into the team’s hands

Individual team icon – 250 RP
Team Icon and Emote – 450 RP