Changes to increase action in ARAM

Riot is finally paying some attention to ARAM by giving some item and timing changes

As you all know, ARAM is still currently the largest game made in League of Legends aside from the usual games at Summoner’s Rift. While Riot has decided to ignore the Howling Abyss ARAM map for a long time, they have finally decided to put some time and though to adjusting certain items to match the fast pace of the game mode. Many if not all know, ARAM games are usually MUCH shorter compared to normal games. This is because there is no laning phase, and the whole game mode is a massive blood bath filled with constant skirmishes and tower dives. As a result, games tend to only last for 20-30 minutes, compared to the usual summoner’s rift games which last anywhere fro in-between 20 to even 60 minutes!

Since there is a MASSIVE difference in the length of the games, many scaling items and certain timers need to be adjusted to allow the items to be more “balanced”. In this patch, Riot has made the Howling Abyss much more fun, as players will be able to evolve their scaling items such as the “Archangel’s Staff” and “Manamune” much quicker, as stacking in Aram previously use to be almost impossible. Rod of the ages has also been changed slightly for the game mode, and will grant players a stack for it’s passive everyone 40 seconds, compared to every minute.

Riot has also increase the gold amounts gained in ARAM. Standing around minions now without killing it will give 5 gold, compared to the previous 3 gold, almost double! The passive gold gain has been slightly increased from 10 every 10 seconds to 11 every 10 seconds.