Changes to Master Yi

After community outcry, Riot will finally give some love to Master Yi

In the previous PBE update, Riot intended to spice up Master Yi’s meditate by decreasing the cool down, lessen the healing, but also add a fairly decent damage buff. However, this change was seen to be impractical, since most if not all Yi’s never channel thje full duration of the meditate (excluding in the jungle early game). As a result, many complained Yi would be put in a worse state than he was previously, and as of right now, he’s pretty bad, with a negative win rate across all divisions.

Cowsep released a video after the initial change to Yi, ranting on the change, and suggesting possible tweaks that would improve Yi (mostly reverting Yi’s previous updates, and instant cast on Q).

Riot response was fairly quick, considering they have already announced their next plan to buff Yi. Master Yi will continue to have a lower cost alpha strike while being buffed again with additional base and scaling damage for his Wujal Style. While Yi is considered an easy champion, and some argue he should have a negative win rate, Riot is doing a great job in trying to rebalance him.