Check out the 2016 end of season Rewards!

As the 2016 season comes closer to an end, Riot has announced the ranked rewards players will be eligible to receive based on their end of season rank



This year’s skin will be “Victorious maokai”, where every player who has remains a rank of gold 5 or above will receive the reward once season ends. Maokai has a few skins already that can be brought in shop, but the champion too has existed for a long time, so it’s only right that Riot make a skin to remember for this awesome champion.
As per usual, players who receive any rank will be sent a summonor icon based on their end of season rank. For example if you get bronze, you will receive a different summonor icon compared to a gold players. Additionally, players who receive a rank of silver or above will get a loading screen border matching their end of the season rank.
The new addition to rank wards is the “invite and friend request flair” which will be sent to players who are gold and above. This new addition features a well designed symbol based on your end of season rank, which will be displayed on the top corner of every game and friend invite sent by you.