The Will Green report on Skin Betting in Esports

Will Green has published a report on the state of skin betting in eSports. Will has been a continuous crusader in the fight against skin betting. Legalizing betting is the only way to go about gambling in esports, according to Will.


Skins in the Game : A report by Will Green

According to Will, CSGOlounge has already handled bets worth more than $1 Billion in 2016 alone.

Some details of data mentioned in the report

  • Total Number of skins handled : 103 Million
  • Total Matches : 2800
  • Total Handle in USD :  ~ 1 Billion USD
  • Per Match Handle :  37000 skins
  • Per Match Handle : $358,000

All the matches were not equal in the number of bets and the size of the bets. The top matches / tournaments listed in the report are :


Valve’s letter to skin betting websites :

On July 19, Valve sent a cease and desist letter to 23 skin wagering sites that used Steam to conduct activities it said violated the API’s terms of service. While Lounge was the first site mentioned in the letter, Valve’s action was likely spurred on by a series of scandals involving four different skin gambling sites during the summer of 2016.


The report details the betting scene right from its inception till the final days.



Unlike other skin betting sites, Lounge’s reaction to Valve’s C&D order stood out for its uniqueness, if not its inefficacy. While its steps were proactive, they failed to fully address Valve’s request and did not appear to consider the necessary preconditions for their achievement.

Despite all the efforts by luminaries such as Will, betting and gambling websites keep cropping up. Valve itself has recently changed the way of betting despite shutting down officially a few months ago. However for the most part, skin betting is dead for now.