Chinese Company PGL Spring with $15,000 prize pool

Chinese company ProGamer League (PGL) has announced that it is expanding to CS:GO, with its first offline event featuring over $15,000 in prize money.


This year alone, PGL will be hosting three CS:GO competitions, the first of which taking place later this month, from April 23-24, at the MasterCard Center, in Beijing.

Two teams have been confirmed for the tournament, Tyloo and Vici Gaming. The tournament will give away a total of 100,000 RMB plus four spots at the Summer tournament.

Prize Distribution :

1. ~$7,700
2. ~$4,630
3. ~$3,090

Running from June 10-12 at an as-yet undisclosed location, PGL Summer will reward the top three finishers with:

1. $50,000
2. $30,000
3. $20,000