Chinese Overwatch Team Story tournament announced

A new Overwatch event with a $100k prize pool has been announced by Zhanqi TV. The event will feature 16 teams invited to the tournament by the organisers.  The group draw saw 4 teams, NGA, SKG, iG.Fire and VG, being seeded in different groups and the others assigned randomly.The Overwatch Team Story (OTS) will play out from December 2nd to January 8th in Shanghai.



The format will consist of double elimination brackets throughout the whole event:

  • Group Stage
    • GSL-style double elim
    • Best of 5s
  • Playoffs
    • Double elimination
    • Best of 5s
    • Final will be played as a Bo7

The schedule for every specific match has not been announced yet, but the overarching structure of the schedule was:

  • Group A
    • December 2nd-3rd – 7pm CST (11am UTC, 6am EST, 3am PST)
  • Group B
    • December 9th-10th – 7pm CST (11am UTC, 6am EST, 3am PST)
  • Group C
    • December 16th-17th – 7pm CST (11am UTC, 6am EST, 3am PST)
  • Group D
    • December 23rd-24th – 7pm CST (11am UTC, 6am EST, 3am PST)
  • Playoffs
    • December 29th-31st
    • January 6th-8th