Chris Metzen retires leaving an amazing legacy

Chris Metzen the man behind a ton of character vices has announced his retirement.


Chris has announced publically over a Forum that he will be retiring and mentioned in his quirky nature that he’s ” Hangin’ up my guns. Clockin’ out. Takin’ the last gryphon out of Stormwind.” Chris starts by mentioning that he had “just turned twenty years old when I started working at Blizzard”, this marks a 20 year long career at Blizzard. Chris’s input in the Blizzard had been tremendous, as the former Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development[, Chris had wrote and co-wrote multiple war craft novels and voice acted multiple iconic characters.


Chris has stated that he will be permanently retiring and will not be moving to a company after such a bright career at Blizzard. This occasion is a sad one as Chris was undoubtedly an extremely strong pillar for Blizzard, accumulation a heap of experience throughout his 20 year long career. The exact last day of his job is yet to be announced, but considering his public announcement, it won’t be long.

The forum post announcing his retirement can be found Here