CJ Entus vs KT Rolster LOL LCK Week 12 Day 3 Tips, Odds & Preview

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CJ Entus take on KT Rolster on Friday the 1st of April in Day 3 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

CJ Entus

CJ Entus and Samsung Galaxy are two mid-tier teams that everybody is afraid of. Both have made an excellent run in the past few weeks, with many upsets and individual growth. CJ should look to take away the reliance that they have on Kramer and reallocate it to Shy and Sky.

KT Rolster

Shy has changed a lot this year. His previous role as a top laner was to carry the team with power picks such as Jax, Shyvana and Renekton. With the consolidation of the tank meta this year, Shy has had to move to more tanky heavy and supportive picks such as Lulu and Nautilius. At the same time, CJ mid laner Shy has also had his fair share of supportive and control style mid laners such as Lissandra and Lulu. These picks allow CJ to manipulate the team fights, locking down key targets while allowing Kramer to put out as much damage as he can. Should CJ have a good pick/ban phase, they should be able scale well into the late game and shun out KT.


KT have had a rough patch in the past couple of weeks, while their picks and bans have been very solid, they’ve struggled in the early game. I feel as though KT are currently not on point, especially when it comes to basic things like calling MIA and taking risky dives.

Predictions: CJ Entus 55% | KT Rolster 45%


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