CJ Entus vs. ROX Tigers – LCK 2016 – Week 11 – Day 1 – Preview

The matchup between CJ Entus vs. ROX Tigers in Week 11, Day 1 of LOL LCK will take place on Wednesday, 23rd of March 2016

ROX Tigers

When you’re consistently winning every game, you’re crowned a champion. But the moment you slip a game, people begin to doubt you and criticise you. Are the ROX really that good? How do they play from behind? Is their coordination really that ‘beautiful’? As far as the spring split has gone, ROX have hardly had to face adversity. But rather, win the games in a quick and clean manner. CJ must find it in themselves to play with the same aggression that Samsung did last week.

That’s easier said than done. CJ’s gameplay is much more conservative, with a lot of action and team fights occurring in their territory. Hence it would be highly unlikely to see a highly aggressive CJ in this match up. The team is still vulnerable in the early game, especially if they’re rotations are not up to scratch.

Overall, ROX are still a fantastic team, with controlled aggression with beautiful coordination. Their laners should seek to overpower CJ’s and create a gold lead that will grow to be insurmountable.

Predictions: CJ Entus 40% | ROX Tigers 60%