CLG and IMT swap Junglers!

Former players of both CLG and IMT have joined their opposing teams

As teams are open to sign new players currently, Immortals and Counter Logic Gaming, two major teams in the North American League of Legends team have made some roster changes. The two teams have decided to replace their Junglers in an attempt to test out a new roster for the upcoming split.

Counter Logic Gaming has decided to sign the former Immortals jungler “Dardoch”. While Immortals finished a reasonable 7th place, it was still a fairly disappointing result to the team considering only a year ago they were one of the best teams in the NA scene. As a result, Dardoch was recently dropped, only to be picked up by CLG in an attempt to secure one of the most well known junglers in NA.

From losing Dardoch, Immortals decided to sign the former CLG jungler “Xmithie”. This isn’t too much of a change, as both players have fairly simular play styles and years of experience in the competitive League of Legends scene. While Xmithie had a fairly poor season in 2016, finishing with one of the lowest KDAs ever at a mere 2.4, there is no doubt he can only improve from here.