CLG drops ImAPet as coach

Recent poor performance has led to ImAPet’s departure as coach and analysis

CLG signed ImAPet 8 months ago in an effort to raise their team’s standing in the competitive cs.go scene which they had struggled in the past 1-2 years. He has originally hired as the team’s coach and game analysis, however, had failed to improve the team to the desired standard. Recently, CLG failed to qualify for the PGL Krakow Major qualifier, which was the last string that forced CLG to sack ImAPet as it was an obvious sign the team were going downhill.

ImAPet’s departure was mutual and both parties remain on good terms. CLG announced that they had partly released him due to the growing opportunities he had, especially from other teams. While he failed to meet CLG’s expectations, in his time, he enabled CLG to qualify for major events such as the ESL ONE Cologne 2017 and managed to secure CLG 3rd-4th place.

To make up for the loss of ImAPet, Counter Logic Gaming announced they were bringing in “Mike Schwartz” as the team’s interim coach. While Mike is a well known development coach, it is likely CLG will replace him as they wish for quick results.