CLG.Grt will not be serving as Head Coach for CounterLogic Gaming


CLG have announced that their Head Coach Grt will be stepping down from his position. The reason for his departure has been cited as non-performance.

Their facebook post reads as :

Garett “Grt” Bambrough did not meet the expectations for the Counter Logic Gaming CS:GO team that were set out two months prior and will no longer be serving as its head coach.

CLG CS:GO is under a one month assessment period that involves constant player feedback, evaluation, and communication with CLG management. At the conclusion of the assessment we will decide the infrastructure needs for the team. CLG is committed to becoming the best possible team. We will do whatever necessary to achieve that goal.

Grt, former Splyce Coach was brought in when Tarik was let go. His experience with Splyce was instrumental in Splyce performing really well against some good teams during that time. However he has not been able to replicate the same success with CLG so far.


This is yet again another casualty of the new rule implemented by Valve. Coaches used to almost be the sixth player in the team as they could partake in the communication and guide the team. However Valve’s ruling has spelled the death bell for Coaches as IGL.